Videly Review & OTO

Looking for an honest Videly Review. Maybe you’re looking to learn more about the new Videly OTOs, and upsells?

We will be going over it all in today’s Videly review article. The Videly OTO, upsells, pricing you name it.

Video content rules the internet but the quality isn’t always the deciding factor. If you’re going to put your video online, you absolutely have to know how to attract attention, and most importantly rank within the search engines.

Both Video SEO and traditional SEO can provide us with a bunch of leads, sales and traffic, but unfortunately ranking on the 1st page of Google isn’t exactly easy.

If you’re like myself you might have:

  • Built backlinks
  • Created amazing content
  • Or even created breathtaking videos

And STILL didn’t get the views and traffic that you’ve been craving for.

This was me during the start of 2018 and with all of these new Google updates and all of the competition, ranking on Google isn’t going to get easier for you.

I eventually came to the realisation that YouTube is the NEW gold rush in today’s world.

You could rank on YouTube, sent traffic back to your website, to your affiliate offers and even rank on Google by getting instantly indexed in the search engines.

Heck, it’s even possible to rank your videos on the 1st page of Google as shown below:

Imagine creating your own video, and ranking above authority websites like Forbes. Google really gives their baby brother YouTube an UNFAIR advantage over everyone else!

Of course the question remains, how do we take advantage of all of this? This is when I started looking into Videly to see if it could help me.

They claim that we can reverse engineer Google and the YouTube ranking system to get free targeted traffic, without being an SEO expert.

I’ve been testing out this tool for quite a while now and wanted to share my thoughts with you today.

For furthers details regarding Videly, or to claim the latest discount, click the button below.

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Let’s begin our review and go over what is inside this video marketing tool.

Videly Review (How It Works)

Once you login to your Videly account it should look something like this. I’ve purchased all of the Videly OTOs so I could have full access to the tool.

Videly Dashboard

You’ll be able to see your stats, such as:

  • keywords researched
  • video details generated
  • niches analyzed
  • reports created

You can also watch training videos, which get into the nitty-gritty of video marketing and using Videly.

We’ll get into the finer details inside of our review, but the Videly software to summarise is a collection of multiple tools and features designed to help you rank on Google and YouTube.

The authors of the software are video marketers themselves, and have been creating software for a very long time. So it’s backed by people who actually make a profitable living off SEO, and video marketing.

In fact i’ve had a lot of success with their old video marketing blaster tool, but Videly is on a whole new level.

With one single click the software will analyse the competition within your niche, take advantage of their weak points for you to bounce on and create perfect SEO optimized titles, descriptions and tags to give you TOP rankings in the search engines.

It’s also extremely useful in helping you discover untapped buyer keywords, and getting you rankings that actually have a lot of potential.

As a bonus, if you decide to buy Videly using a link in this article, you’ll get access to our exclusive “YouTube Ranking Blueprint” Formula plus some other FREE bonuses to help you rank and profit with SEO.

These are just some of the functions and features inside of Videly. Like we mentioned above Videly is a collection of various different tools all in one easy to use software.

It also comes with a rank tracker (more on that later).

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