Videly Review Overview

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely a video marketer, or business owner, looking to get more leads and sales online, right?

I’m sure you’re well aware of the traffic potential in SEO.

No matter if you want more views for your offers, local business, or even your website, I think we can all agree that SEO is where the money is at.

We know that MILLIONS of people go to YouTube & Google everyday searching for YOUR solution.

But the problem is, not all of us know SEO, or know how to build backlinks to rank on page one.

Even doing that majority of the time isn’t enough to see life changing results…

If you’re anything like me, you might of tried:

  • Ranking your video or website on Google, but got little to no views
  • Building backlinks, but still didn’t rank on page #1
  • Or even write high quality content, and still not get the views that you expected

And this is where Videly comes in, and what piqued my own curiosity to see what this software is like.

They claim that you’ll be able to tap into the MASSIVE potential of SEO without actually knowing SEO yourself.

So with that being said, let’s go over everything we need to know about the Videly software, Videly Pro, the OTOs and much more.

A Live Videly Demo (An Inside Look)

So i’m not only going to summarise what you need to know about Videly, but I also wanted to show you a live demo of the software (since i’m a paying customer for this tool myself).

What Is Videly?

So far we went through a live demo of Videly, and the power Videly has to dramatically improve your SEO extremely fast.

In short, Videly is a powerful new video marketing tool that helps you rank your videos on both YouTube and Google.

The tool will help you find low competition money keywords to help you get top rankings in the search engines.

What makes this tool unique from anything else i’ve come across, is the fact that the product creators Vlad and Stoica (BlasterSuite) are video marketing freaks themselves.

They’ve been in this SEO game for quite a long time, and have made ridiculous amounts of money ranking their own videos for years.

I’ve been using their video marketing tools since 2015 to rank my own videos inside of YouTube.

But today, they have fine tuned their software to a level I thought wouldn’t be possible.

More than that Videly is a collection of various different tools in one. It does so much more than just find lucrative keywords for you.

If you can truely master using this tool, your competitors will turn their heads and wonder why you keep stealing all of their traffic!

Videly has plenty of features to really give you an unfair advantage over everyone else, if you use the tool correctly.

It can help you:

  • Find hidden lucrative, buyer keywords to exploit
  • Reverse engineer the mysterious Google and YouTube algorithm 
  • Generate perfectly SEO optimised titles, descriptions and tags 
  • Do a detailed niche analysis to learn WHY your competitors are ranking
  • And so much more!!

Read on and you’ll get the best from my Videly review, and uncover everything you need to know about the tool.

The Videly Dasboard (Members Area)

This is the first tab inside of the Videly members area.

There isn’t really much to cover, since we’re only talking about the dashboard here.

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